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Marriages and Children of
William Parsons 1760 - 1829

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Marriage 1 Birth Death Notes
Catherine Stoker Apr 3, 1761 1855 - 1858 Married Apr 5, 1785, Harrison Co., VA
Children Birth Death Notes
Elizabeth Parsons Feb 12, 1787
Hardy, VA
Feb 17, 1835
Marries James Tyger or Taggart on Jan 17, 1805, Randolph Co., VA
Mary Parsons Jun 17, 1788
Hardy, VA
Feb 9, 1852
Married Hansen. then married John Taggart (b. Feb 17, 1789; who died Sep 7, 1859 in Tazewell Co., IL)
Hannah Parsons Mar 14, 1791
Hardy, VA
Jan 29, 1874
Terre Alto, Preston Co., WV
Married Solomon Parsons Aug 28, 1810, Randolph Co., VA son of James Parsons and Rebecca Simps
Job Parsons June 11, 1793
Hardy, VA
Dec 18, 1883 -Married Jemimah Ward on May 25, 1815, Randolph Co., VA daughter of Jacob Ward
-Married Sarah Losh Sep 15, 1836 (b.1810-1902, daughter of Stephen Losh and Sarah Dashner)
-? May have also married a Ann (Anna) Bonner 1812-1900 Since both Sarah and Anna died btw. 1900-1902.  Did he divorce?
- Son Job b. Mar 30, 1853; d. Aug 11, 1883, married daughter of brother Solomon, Mary E. Parsons
-1850 Census on same sheet as William W. Parsons-1818
Solomon Parsons June 29, 1795
Hardy, VA
Mar 7, 1833
Married Mary Polly Ward Sep 3, 1817, Randolph Co., VA daughter of Jacob Ward
Nancy Rust Parsons Jun 30, 1797
Randolph Co., VA
Jul 9, 1869
Married to Jacob Daniels on June 21, 1821
Annis Parsons July 16, 1799
Randolph Co., VA
Sep 24, 1834 Married David Miles (b.1789)
Isaac Parsons Aug 26, 1801
Randolph Co., VA
Apr 16, 1821
Malinda Parsons Apr 27, 1806
Randolph Co., VA
  Married George Ball
Family Data Collections-Individual Records Record

Name: William Parsons
Spouse: Catherine Stoker
Parents: Thomas Parsons , Mary Ann Rennick
Birth Place: Hardy, VA
Birth Date: 25 September 1760
Marriage Place: Harrison Co
Marriage Date: 5 April 1785
Death Date: 10 September 1829
Revolutionary War Pension Application for William Parsons (filed by wife Catherine)
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1850 Census for Catherine Stoker Parsons living with daughter Nancy Rust (Parsons) Daniels
1850 U. S. Census, Saint George P.O., ? Township, Randolph County, Virginia
Name   Race Gender Age Occupation Birth Place
Daniels Jacob W M 52 Farmer Virginia
  Nancy W F 52   Virginia
  Job W M 19 Farmer Virginia
  Hannah W F 14   Virginia
  Squire B. W M 14   Virginia
  Amanda M.E. W F 13   Virginia
Parsons Catherine W F 89   Virginia
1870 Census for son Job Parsons and wife Sarah
1870 U. S. Census, Saint George P.O., ? Township, Tucker County, West Virginia
Name   Race Gender Age Occupation Birth Place
Parsons Job W M 71 Farmer Virginia
  Sarah W F 58 Keeping House Virginia
  Job Jr. W F 16   Virginia
75. SOLOMON PARSONS (OF JAMES) - Private.  Pension file indicates he enlisted on 30 August 1814.  He marched with unit from Randolph County to Norfolk.  He was discharged for disability on 30 December 1814.  On 7 April l855 John D. Nestor states that he was 60 years old.  A letter in file dated 9 April 1855 from William Ewin written at Westernford, Randolph County and witnessed by widow Lucy DeMoss, widow Mary Parsons, Solomon Parsons, Martin Miller and John Stevenson.  He was married on 28 August 1810 to Hannah Parsons at her fatherís house in Tucker County. On 24 March 1871 he was a resident of Portland in Preston County, West Virginia.
William R. Parsons on Parsons 1860 Census at age 63 also an Andrew R Parsons age 45
Thomas Parsons with a wife Elizabeth on Parsons Census 2.  Also shows Job Parsons Sr. with wife Sarah.
September 17, 2006