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John Hart 1713 - 1779
Signer of The Declaration of Independence


Image of John Hart from the book, The Harts of Randolph: Or Mostly Descendants of Edward and Daniel Hart, sons of John Hart the Signer, with Some Allied Families by Katherine Hart Frame, 1976, page 14.  This image is a copy of the portrait in Randolph County, WV
John Hart

Born Birth Location Death Death Location
Feb 21, 1713
Maidenhead, Mercer Co., NJ May 11, 1779 Hunterdon Co., NJ
Image at left is from the book, The Harts of Randolph: Or Mostly Descendants of Edward and Daniel Hart, sons of John Hart the Signer, with Some Allied Families by Katherine Hart Frame, 1976, page 14.  On page 15, the author discusses how there appears to be no authentic picture of John Hart.  This image is a copy of the portrait in Randolph County, WV.
Edward Hart 1687 Hopewell, Mercer Co., NJ before Jul 20, 1752  
Martha Furman 1691 ? aft 1779  
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Will of John Hart the Signer

John Hart left a will which is in the custody of the State of New Jersey Library, Archives and History, Trenton. It follows:

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. I John Hart of ----------- Hopewell, in the County of Hunterdon, and in the State of New Jersey, being old and stricken in age, and labouring under infirmities of Body, but of sound and perfect Mind and Memory, Thanks be given unto Almighty God-therefore, and knowing that it is appointed for all men to die and after that the Judgment, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and Form following (that is to say) first and principally I give and recommend my Soul into the Hands of Almighty God who gave it, and my Body to the Earth to be buried in a Christian and decent like manner at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter named, not doubting but to receive the same again at the General Resurrection by the Mighty Power of God, and as such touching all such Temporal Estate where with has pleased Almighty God to Bless me in this life, I give, devise & dispose of in the following manner, Imprimis, my Will is and I do Order, that all my just debts and Funeral Expenses be first paid & discharged.---------Item. I give and bequeath unto my Eldest Son Jesse Hart the House and Lot I lately purchased of Benjamin Stout, Jr. together with seventy nine acres and one quarter acre, including John Hobbs, the meeting house, and Benjamin Stout's Sr. lots, out of which Quantity their lots are to be subtracted and also ten acres and thirty-nine perches of woodland adjoining land of Widow Handle, the whole agreeable to the Division in a certain draught made thereof by Timothy Smith April 14th, 1779, to him his heirs, and assigns forever. Item, I give and bequeath unto my son Nathaniel Hart the Homestead Plantation whereon I now live containing about one hundred and ninety three Acres be the same more or less, divided Agreeable to the Draught above mentioned to him, his heirs & Assigns forever, upon condition he pays unto his Brother Daniel when he Arrives to the full Age of Twenty one years the sum of five hundred pounds and also to his Sister Deborah when she attains the full age of Eighteen years the Sum of Three Hundred Pounds, Item, I give & Bequeath my son Edward Hart one Hundred Acres whereupon my son Nathaniel now lives divided agreeable by a draught be the same more or less to him, his heirs t assigns forever, provided he pays the Sum of fifteen pounds Annually to be applied by my Executors for the bringing up and Educating my Grand Daughter Mary Hart the daughter of my son John Until She attains the full Age of Eighteen years, if in her case her Father does not provide for her before that time, which shall cease and determine as soon as her father takes her under his care and protection. Item. My will is and I do order my right and interest in two-thirds of an undivided right of three lots of Land with the Grist Mills and Fulling Mills thereon, all the appurtenances thereunto belonging situate at Rocky Hill in the country of Somerset be sold to the best advantage as soon as conveniently may be after my decease. Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Sarah Wikoff one hundred pound, Item give unto daughter Deborah one negro Girl name Hannah and remainder of my personal Estate to be sold immediately after my decease and all the residue of my Estate not disposed of as above said be the same more or less to be equally divided among all my children Male & Female Share and Share alike, And Provided either my son Daniel should die without Lawful issue before he attains to the age of twenty one years or my Daughter Deborah before she attains the age of eighteen and Become the property of my surviving children Male or Female Share and Share alike and further, tis my will the Legacies hereon Bequeathed to my Daughter Sarah be paid her out of the first money that comes to the Hands of my executors after the discharge of my just debts---1 do hereby constitute and appoint my three sons, viz, Jesse, Nathaniel, Edward and my brothers Son Levi Hart executors of my last Will & Testament giving & granting unto the said Levi Hart Executor last mentioned Power & Authority to Retain in His Hands a sum Sufficient (at the discretion of my Executors) for the Support and maintenance of my aged mother during her natural Life and after her decease (if not all expended) to be equally divided in the same manner as the remainder of my Estate is herein ordered to be divided, and I do hereby invest my Executors with full Power and Authority to Sell my Real Estate herein ordered to be sold and execute all; such Deeds of conveyance as the case may require and as the Law directs, intreating them to observe that the same is carefully performed and done, And I do hereby Revoke all other and former Wills by me herefore made by me, declaring this only to be my last Will & Testament in WITNESS whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Sixteenth Day of April in the year of our Lord one Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy Nine 1779.

Signed, Sealed Published And
Proved by the said John Hart to be His Last
Will & Testament in the presence of
Jared Sexton              Jesse Pettit               John Hart
Andrew Barton

(Above witnesses swore they saw the above John Hart sign his Name to his last will and testament).

Jesse, Nathaniel, Edward, and Levi Hart also swore on the 26th day of May, 1779 they will duly perform the same.


An Inventory of all and Singular the goods and chattels, rights & credits of John Hart Esq. late of Hopewell in the county of Hunterdon, deceased as taken & appraised by us the subscribers. May 17, 1779.

October 14, 2007